Chairs Forum

The next meeting of Chairs’ Forum to be advised.

The invitation is extended to all Sandwell Chairs and Vice Chairs but as always, any member of the Governing Board is welcome to attend.

Lesley Hagger, Executive Director of Children's Services attends a joint meeting of the Govern Sandwell once each term to give governors an overall update on education in Sandwell and to answer any questions.

Feedback from chairs’ however, was that they missed the opportunity to meet, discuss and share experience with other chairs, hence, as a first step, we are including a medium to do so here.

GovernSandwell (formerly ASGB) is aware that chairs are encountering ever more challenging situations and there is not always a ready and easy answer. Obviously, we can only talk generically on here but by sharing your experience you might find that a colleague has come across the same situation or that others may learn from yours.

We would like to encourage chairs and vice-chairs to contribute to this page, sharing issues, good practice and inviting colleagues to join in the conversation.

Depending upon your views and if it would be useful, we might be able to arrange separate meetings for chairs.

GovernSandwell is your association so please let us know what we can do to support chairs/vice-chairs in Sandwell.

Notes from the meetings may be found under Calendar of Events.

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